Interview with Cheng Kwong

Today, I introduce you Cheng Kwong, member of the Siu Lam Weng Chun family and Master of varius styles. He was the Master of many famous European Masters.
Dear Cheng, when did you start with Martial Arts?
I started to learn Chinese Martial Art in 1963.
What type of Wing Chun do you practice? With who did you know Wing Chun style and for how many years did you practiced this?
I practiced Wing Chun (Yip Man style) and later concentrated on Weng Chun (Wei Yan). 
When did you start to practice Siu Lam Weng Chun?
I started Siu Lam Weng Chun in 1969.
Can you tell us what is the different between Wing Chun and Weng Chun, if you can?
There are not great differences. All originated from Red Boat.
You founded your own organization. What are your relations with other associations?
I have good relationship with other associations such as Dragon style, Wing Chun, Weng Chun, Choy Lee Fut, North Sil Lum, too many associations.
Can we know what are the differences between Weng Chun‘s families styles?
In fact every SiFu had his own style, because of his knowledge and experience.
What are the principles behind the Bart Cham Dao?
Bart Cham Dao is the extension of arms. The theory remain the same.
Who were your Masters in the past?
My Masters in the past were Lam Woon Kwong (Dragon style), Lok You (Yip Man style)  and Wei Yan, Pak Cheong (Weng Chun style).
Who is your Master, now, if you have one?
My Masters had all passed away. But now I was trained under the most senior Grandmaster of Weng Chun Tam Pui-Chuen, who is 96 years old. 
How many hours do you train now?
I practice every day.
Are you a professional martial artist or have other jobs?
I am a professional martial artist and chinese herbalist doctor.
How many hours per week should train a student to grow in a serious way?
At least 3 hours per day.
Which are your styles of fighting?
Fighting is not fixed style…
What are the “Kiu Sau” concepts?
In Weng Chun Kiu Sau meands the radar and the touching point of both sides
Is there in Weng Chun the Poon Sau exercise, for Chi Sau?
Yes, in Yip Man style, but not in Weng Chun.
Think to come to Italy sooner or later?
May be, some days…


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