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Welcome to the Official website of Master Riccardo Di Vito

 Let me introduce myself, in case you were on this page just for a coincidence. My name is Riccardo Di Vito, Master of Wing Chun, italian representative for the international School Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun (Black Flag Wing Chun) and Responsible for the Kung Fu section of C.S.A.In. Lazio (EPS recognized by C.O.N.I.).

 I would be very happy to know you personally. I’m always very happy to meet people passionate in Martial Arts as well as novices who want to approach this subject. The most significant part of my experience as a Wing Chun Master is exactly the possibility to offer everybody to get closer to this amazing Kung Fu world!

 My wish is that you find some inspirations by reading my articles. I’m sure that you will find some minutes to provide comments and to start discussions which can be productive for our growth and for the disclosure of Wing Chun.

 The website was born from my experience with my blog, which gave me the opportunity to meet so many Kung Fu passionate people, but that never got the target to make bridges between different Wing Chun Schools. Therefore, I have decided to disclose only my thought, my idea of the system, giving honor and respecting the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Pai (the Black Flag Wing Chun Clan Family) Tradition.

 Into this space you will find the dates of my Seminars, every information to meet me and to start studying Wing Chun with me and with my martial Family.

 Call me at +39 328 34 21 682 to get a free advice, if you are interested in study Wing Chun in my School in Rome, or in one of the other kwoon/bukoan that we have in Italy. It will be really my pleasure to help you along the path through the Misteries of the Martial Art which will change your life!

riccardo di vito

 Meanwhile, I salute you and I wish you a good navigation,

 Riccardo Di Vito

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