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 Let me introduce myself, if you had come here by pure chance. I’m Riccardo Di Vito, I was born in 1981 and I have a great passion: helping people in their evolutionary path.

I have been practicing martial arts since 1998, specifically Wing Chun Kung Fu, of which I have become Master. I represent in Italy and in Europe the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Pai International School (Black Flag Wing Chun Lodge).

For passion I opened a gym in 2014 to spread this martial art. In 5 years I have touched more than 500 people, training 12 good Instructors. In 2019 I decided to close it, because it was no longer giving me the stimuli for which I had opened it, taking up too much time, which I could no longer dedicate to my family.

In 2015 I took the opportunity to take advantage of network marketing to help people who wanted it more effectively, both from the point of view of physical well-being and for the economic part. To date it is my main source of income.

I would be really happy to meet you even live, if we haven’t seen each other yet, I live in Rome. I am always very happy to meet new people who want to achieve ambitious goals!

I hope you can find some interesting food for thought by reading my articles. I am sure you will have a few minutes to comment and start discussions that are beneficial to our common growth and whether it is martial arts or well-being or world views.If you want to speak directly with me, you can send me a Whatsapp message to 328 34 21 682 to immediately arrange a phone call!

riccardo di vito

 Meanwhile, I salute you and I wish you a good navigation,

 Riccardo Di Vito

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